Cleo’s vacation’s to Lista

The Saint Bernard dog  Cleo was on a vacation to Lista in Norway. The weather was fine with temperature above 20 degree Celsius, but this temperature was to hot for Cleo. Cleo made up her mind and wanted the car to stay in the garage while she was sleeping in her own cage within her bed.

There is a lot of snow in Bergen

Cleo enjoy the temperature in much better than us two legged persons. Cleo particular enjoys to role herself in the snow, and on some occasions also eat snow.   I have during this holidays paid Stavanger a visits. I have also during this semester started to do more bioinformatic by modelling proteins using computers.

Cleo on new tracks.

I am now working the last rapport for a lab course I took this fall.  The lab course was exciting but also hard work.

My dog Cleo has now resume her tracking training, and manage to find a object after she used her nose to search for a trail, which has been laid for over 10 minutes ago.Insert  (im003699.jpg)

My dog managed to improve her concentration by only have dried food on her dinner plate, and instead work for the food which taste good as an reward. I think Cleo enjoyed training more when she only get treats as rewards , instead of some treat on her food as well. Insert  (p1000555.jpg). I also tend to enjoy a good audio books better than a movie, since most book are better than movies. Most good sci-fi novels are almost never used to make an movie, and the move adaptation is always worse than the book. For instant the Harry Potter book series is a much longer and feature rich than the movies which cut out important aspect of the story.

Cleo is 2 years old.

Insert  (p1000593.jpg)Insert  (p1000559.jpg)Cleo is now 2 years old, though she is not a fan of birthdays. She enjoyed her present, which she also ate. She also plan to do more tracking and obedience, but think it difficult to concentrate while other dogs are present.