Cleopatra’s two hobbies.

Cleopatra or Cleo as she is called, has two favorite hobbies bathing and chasing Simba. Simba is a male castrated Persian cat who has mitral insufficiency and therefore enjoys sleeping. Cleo however has a different opinion and thinks Simba needs exercises.Insert  (12062006194045xeswt4y4nr1q.jpg)

A new dog named Cleopatra

I just traveled to Denmark to import a new smooth coat St Bernards bitch. She is named Cleopatra and was borne 2/5 2006. She is my second St Bernads dog. However I hope she'll live longer than my previous dog Wella. I have all ready taught her to follow my finger, sit, lie down and come when called for, and bark at command. Take a look at some pictures of her