Karo obedience

I got a new dog named Karo

At last, I now got a new dog. Unlike last time I did not get a St Bernard but a working brder collie.
He is named Karo, and his parents are herding sheep in Norway.

I am going to train Karo to become a search and rescue dog.
He is a social dog, and Karo is a high drive dog that is very kind.
I did not get a St Bernard, because it is impossible to get a working St Bernard as most St Bernard breeder breeds show dogs not orginal St Bernards.
The St Bernard dog is too heavy and has a too low drive to be used as a search and rescue dog.

Buying a dog

I have moved to Arendal from Trondheim. Since I am now finished with my PhD in neuroscience, I can now start looking after a dog. I am planing to buy a dog this fall which I am planing to use as a search and rescue dog.


I am moving from Trondheim.

I am now moving from Trondheim to southern Norway. I have also rejoined the Norwegian search and rescue dog. This is exciting time as I am moving to Arendal.

Updating blog

I am now updating this blog with information about bike trips in Trondheim.


I am still living in  Trondheim and work at NTNU.

New bick tour

I found good bike tour in Bergen. Up to Rundemannen and down to munkeboten.